New – Vernacular Architecture

Ryoichi Misawa

Ryoichi Misawa is the Managing Director of Misawa Associates & M.A.I. Inc. He specialises in architectural design and landscape design for condominium projects. Having a professional experience (Design Department of construction company, Misawa Associate Co. Ltd. and M.A.I Co. Ltd) of 47 years, he has a specialisation in architectural design and landscape design for a number of condominium projects. His design concept is known for consistent concept from high-grade condominium design through interior design. He is the recipient of several awards, the most being Good Design Award for 2000 (Azabu-kasumicho Park Mansion), 2004 (Park-City Seijyo), 2004 (Chiaro uno furniture series), 2008 (Authent Court Haruhino), 2009 (UDM Project) and the latest being for 2017 (Proud City Asagaya)


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